Colobot Wiki

Life on earth is threatened by a devastating cataclysm. Mankind has to move out and search for a new home.

A first expedition of only robots was sent to find another habitable planet. For reasons yet unknown, the mission was a disaster and was never to return.
Take up the challenge to succeed where robots failed ...

With a few robots for only companions, you will travel to planets unknown. Houston, Earth Mission Control as well as a spy satellite will transmit valuable information to you, but they are so far away …
You'll need to build the infrastructure necessary to gather raw materials and energy supplies. You'll need to produce the weapons necessary to defend yourself.


Then comes the time when you'll have to fight for your survival. Grab the controls of a robot… try to be faster than your opponents ... don't let yourself be overwhelmed. Sometimes there are just too many of them. It all explodes and the fight is over.
Your only escape lies in the programming of your robots in order to hand some tasks over to them. This is the only way you can both send four programmed robots to fight a swarm of wasps on the attack while controlling a fifth one to get those that might have gotten through ...Scena4

A complete library of ready-to-use programs is at your disposal and Houston will occasionally transmit newly-developed ones tailored to the specific needs of a given mission. However, these programs may not always be precisely adapted to your requirements, in which case you can modify them or even discard them altogether and write whole new ones.

The programming language used for this task is similar in structure and syntax to C and Java. The skills you can acquire on this job could be of invaluable use in your professional career ... once you get back, that is, to your life as a civilian.

The task may seem overwhelming and that's exactly why Houston decided not to appoint a programming specialist to this mission, hiring instead a man of action equipped with a good deal of common sense and courage in spades. These qualities are essential to the success of such a mission and, if you feel unsure of your own aptitude, don't worry ... you will be trained on-the-job ...