Colobot Wiki
Teams are used in code battles to tell apart two or more sides as well as for use with some radar filters. They currently include two teams by default; red and blue. New teams can be added by duplicating and editing VehicleColor line of code in level_common.txt file included in the "battles" folder. Note that the TeamName field is not required when adding a new team.


  • A wreckage added in the scene.txt file will display the owning team when moused-over and will instantly disappear when recycled, whereas a bot destroyed while in the level will not count toward a team's total count, nor be immediately recycled.
  • Any object defined as being owned by a team will contribute to the winning of that team. (i.e. a wreckage owned by team 1 will count as being a part of that team, and can only be destroyed by being recycled.)


The base teams included in the official code battle maps appear as red and blue bots.

Bot teams

Teams by color (left to right):Blue (1), Neutral (0), Red (2)

Wreck teams1

A bot destroyed during the level. Mousing over the object does not show the team it belonged to.

Wreck teams2

A wrecked bot added inside the level's scene.txt file. Note the owning team's name is now present.