Colobot Wiki

Use a variable of this type for storing characters or strings.

For example: 

	"This is a string"
	""  // empty string

You can append two strings with the + operator :

	"Good morning," + " " + "Sir"

Returns the string:

	"Good morning, Sir"

If you want to put a quotation mark (") or a backslash (\) in a string you must write:

"This is \"very\" important"

which will result in the string  This is "very" important.


will result in %user%\ant.txt

Following instructions can be used with strings:

strlen     Get string length

strleft    Extract left part

strright   Extract right part

strmid     Extract center part

strfind    Find a substring.

strval     Convert string to number

strupper   Convert to upper case

strlower   Convert to lower case