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produce ( position, orientation, category, program, power );


produce ( category, power );

Immediately creates an object.

position: point[]

Where object will be created. The second syntax creates the object at the current bot's position.

orientation: float[]

Orientation (angle) of the object.

category: int[]

Category of the object.

program: string[]

Text file containing a program for the object to run. Will have effect only for programmable objects like robots or aliens. It seems that Colobot searches for this file in the colobot/data/ai/ dir. For example, "wasp01.txt" would mean colobot/data/ai/wasp01.txt

power: float[]

Energy level.

Return: void[]


Example usage

It is used by AlienQueen to produce AlienEggs.

See also[]

Programming, types, and categories.