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Power cells are important items that provide energy to bots and some buildings. Regular power cells are very common, and are created with titanium in a power cell factory, while nuclear power cells are much rarer but more powerful, holding 100 times more energy than a regular cell, and are produced by nuclear power plants using uranium.

The remaining energy in a cell can be observed by the balance of red and green visible on the sides of the cell. An entirely green cell is fully charged, while a completely red cell has been drained of all of its energy. Regular power cells can be recharged at a power station or lightning conductor, but nuclear cells cannot be recharged and must be replaced. However, due to their massively increased capacity, it is very unlikely that the need to replace a nuclear power cell would arise very often.


  • Nuclear cells, along with regular power cells, actually both can be found in Mission 1-1 powering the pre-programmed bots roving the map, but you have no direct use for them since you are unable to control or create bots. They naturally carry over into 1-2 and 1-3, and if one manages to catch up to them, they can actually be removed and used to power the player's bots.
  • Additionally, a nuclear cell powers the player's winged shooter in Mission 3-4, but its presence is downplayed in-game as the level begins controlling the bot in first-person view and Mission Control makes no mention of the cell in SatCom.
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