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A bot equipped with an orga-ball shooter. This shooter is useful for killing enemy insects. The orga shooter is more effective and energy-efficient than the regular shooter's fireball cannon, so it is advised to always build an orga shooter instead of a regular shooter whenever possible. Orga cannons will cause buildings and bots destroyed by it to explode instead of burning into a possibly reusable wreck or ruin. This could be useful in code battles where the enemy may be attempting to recycle destroyed bots to increase their titanium supply. Note that when being controlled manually, firing will always force the camera perspective into first person, and this cannot be changed back until after the shot has finished.

An orga shooter is ineffective against the Alien Queen. What you'll need instead is a Phazer Shooter, as that is the only weapon that can currently kill her.


Object categories[]

  • WheeledOrgaShooter
  • TrackedOrgaShooter
  • WingedOrgaShooter
  • LeggedOrgaShooter


  • The orga-ball on the cannon of the bot moves based on the energy level of the bot's power cell.

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