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Hazards are environmental elements that pose a danger to the astronaut and/or their buildings and bots. There are several hazards in Colobot, some more dangerous than others.


Water is a hazard found on Tropica, Crystalium, and Terranova. Any bots that drive too deep into it will be instantly destroyed. However, subbers are waterproof and can enter deep water with no ill effects.

Water is also lethal to the astronaut when they are not wearing a helmet, and will cause them to instantly drown. However, water is usually beneficial to the astronaut, as entering it will cause their survival kit's jetpack to cool off much faster than normal. The astronaut is also able to swim using the flight buttons.

Gravity forcefields[]

Gravity forcefields are hazards found only on Tropica. They appear as a large plant projecting a green sphere of energy. If the astronaut or a winged bot enters this field while airborne, they will be immediately forced down to the ground, becoming vulnerable to any other hazards such as water or insects that may be lurking below.


Mines are hazards found only on Saari. Any objects that come into contact with a mine will be immediately destroyed. They were laid by the previous expedition, but because of the dangers they posed to the mission itself, the player is unable to utilize them.


Lava is a hazard found only on Volcano. It acts similarly to water, but anything that touches it is destroyed instantly, even subbers and insects.


Lightning is a hazard found only on Orpheon. Lightning strikes will happen every few seconds on this planet, and if they hit a bot or building, it will be immediately destroyed. However, if the lightning is within range of the spaceship or a lightning conductor, it will be drawn in and nullified, and in the case of the lightning conductor, transformed into energy to refill power cells. Lightning can be called on any planet via the cheat menu, but it will have no effect on anything it strikes.

Poisonous mushrooms[]

Poisonous mushrooms are a hazard found exclusively on Terranova. They are found lining the walls of valleys that must be passed through to reach important objects, and will spray out corrosive spores whenever the astronaut or a bot gets near. The spores can be defended against by a shielder, allowing for safe passage past them.

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