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A bot equipped with an operating arm. Useful for collecting ore and other items.  The operating arm allows it to grab and carry items in front and behind it. It is also capable of picking up and replacing its own power cell, however, it is unable to move anything but its arm when it is without power.

A grabber won't function underwater. What you'll need instead is a subber. A Subber is similar to a grabber in that it is capable of grabbing things with grab.

All Grabber bots have the following attributes: (incomplete list)

name :: type - description

load :: object - the item that the grabber is currently carrying.

All Grabber bots have the following functions in addition to the functions available for all bots: (incomplete list?)



A grabber's held item can be accessed with the "load" variable.



Colobot- Gold Edition - Grabber bot demonstration

A short video demonstrating grabber capabilities

Object Categories[]

  • WheeledGrabber
  • TrackedGrabber
  • WingedGrabber
  • LeggedGrabber

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