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There exist a few easter eggs in Colobot, and not all may have been documented.

  • Robbie - Robbie is a cute little can-looking robot who will follow the player's camera, and will do some animations on some events, such as error notifications. She is currently not used in any level nor documented anywhere in the game, but can be spawned using the cheat produce(301); via a bot in any mission. Clicking on Robbie will open the SatCom.
  • DR - In some texture files, a small square with the initials "DR" is present. This is referencing Daniel Roux, the main author of all textures used in Colobot. These initials are never seen in the game.
  • LRV - The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) was brought to the Moon in real life and is present there to this day. In Colobot it appears as a special vehicle you can drive around, and does not have a power cell energy source. You are able to take off with it aboard your spaceship, but it will not persist to other missions.
  • SatCom - In Gold Edition the SatCom contains a page listing and explaining all cheats found within the game. To open this page, press F2 or navigate to the CBOT language page. Below the first paragraph listing instruction types is a short list. The bullet point before the "Instructions" contains a hyperlink

allowing you to go to the cheats page.



The hyperlink sending you to the cheats page in the SatCom.



Robbie 2

Robbie reacting to a message


DR found inside the texture files for the drawer bot