Colobot Wiki

Colobot is a video game developed by Epsitec SA.

Note that some differences may be apparent between Colobot and Colobot: Gold Edition.



How the main menu options appear in Colobot: Gold Edition

The game consists of a few different gamemodes selectable via the main menu:

  • Missions - The story missions created by Epsitec.
  • Free game - A story mission level with no direct objective and no real end.
  • Exercises - Programming exercises created by Epsitec.
  • Challenges - Programming challenges, similar to exercises but more difficult.
  • Code battles - Pit bots against aliens, each other, or a friend using scripts. Only available in Colobot: Gold Edition.
  • Custom levels - User-created levels will be put here by default.


  • Custom levels can be added to any mode by editing the files, however this is discouraged without a backup of said files as mistakes could possible have an impact on level performances and playthrough.
  • Free games consist of only one level from each planet and often have some objects, such as the Spaceship, removed.


  • In the original versions of Colobot, the box below the "Quit" button was used for displaying their website ( In Colobot: Gold Edition this box is now used to credit the TerranovaTeam.