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Code battle

A code battle waiting to begin


Code battles are a Colobot: Gold Edition exclusive feature. They pit the player(s) against aliens, targets, and scripts made by others. Code battles currently are the only levels that currently make use of the team feature, another Gold Edition inclusion. The derricks on either side of the dividing rivers are invulnerable to damage, while all other damage is magnified by 10 to prevent attacks becoming tedious. A freshly loaded battle will have no research completed, requiring either side to complete research tasks individually to unlock abilities, such as winged or shooter bots.

Like in exercises, direct input will from the keyboard will not control any functions of the bots. However, buildings owned by either team are selectable and able to be destroyed via the "destroy" button.


  • Resources, such as titanium, will always be on a neutral team in the official code battle levels, even if the titanium ore came from a derrick owned by a team.
  • By adding the InsectColor option to a team, you can create insects which on are opposite teams. They will not attack each other by default.