Colobot Wiki

Cheats in Colobot are codes entered into a menu opened by pressing the Ctrl and Pause/Break keys at the same time, or by pressing the tilde [~] button in Gold Edition, in the menu or ingame to give the player an advantage.

Legacy version cheats[]

All legacy cheats are included in the following list:

  • winmission - Causes the player to win the current mission
  • lostmission - Causes the player to lose the current mission
  • allresearch - Researches everything
  • allmission - Unlocks all missions
  • nolimit - Godmode
  • fullpower - Recharges jet power of selected object (winged bots and the astronaut only). On Gold Edition this appears to refill shields, energy cells, and cool jet temperatures all at once..
  • fullenergy - Recharges the power cell of the selected object
  • fullshield - Recharges the health of the selected object
  • fullrange - Unlocks all bots for use in the bot factory
  • selectinsect - Select, control, and reprogram insects
  • showsoluce - Unlocks solutions for all missions

It is also possible to create any item in the game with a script using produce(position, orientation, id, ""). As seen here .

Colobot: Gold Edition cheats[]

Colobot: Gold Edition contains a modified set of cheats, and additions of new ones.


You can open the console by pressing the ~ button on your keyboard. Press ENTER to hide it or pass one of the commands below.


  • winmission  Immediately win the current mission
  • lostmission  Immediately lose the current mission
  • allmission   All missions are unlocked, works also in main menu
  • showsoluce  All solutions are unlocked, works also in main menu


  • allresearch - All researches are done
  • allbuildings - All buildings are enabled
  • all - allbuildings + allresearch
  • fullenergy - Restore energy in the currently selected bot
  • fullshield - Restore shield in the currently selected object
  • fullrange -  Flying reactor is cold
  • fullpower -  fullenergy + fullshield + fullrange
  • selectinsect - You can select and control aliens, works also in main menu, type again to disable
  • fly - You can fly even if flying is disabled in the current mission
  • invradar  -  Mini-map works like you would have built a radar, works also in main menu, type again to disable
  • addfreezer -  Flying reactor heats more slowly
  • addhusky -  You take less damage than usual
  • nolimit  -  You can fly higher
  • trainerpilot - You can drive robots which could be previously controlled only by programs
  • noclip - The currently selected object can pass through objects
  • clip - Disable noclip on the currently selected object
  • speed - Set the speed of the game to the given number, for example speed 2 - two times faster, speed 0.5 - two times slower, works also in main menu


These commands work also in main menu. Type them again to set them off.

  • showstat     Show debug statistics on the screen, F12 keyboard key has the same effect
  • debugmode    Enable debug mode (useful for the game developers): the verbose debugging of events and other things; make sure you run the game with -loglevel trace to see the effect; see also -debug commandline parameter


  • photo1       Free camera, you can change angle with + and - keys, type again to set it off
  • photo2       Same as photo1, except it hides interface, type again to set it off


There are hidden commands in CBOT that are not even highlighted in the editor. They are considered cheating, so do not use them for "legal" programs. It should be fine to use them for level creation though if there is no other way.

Numbers mean order of parameters.

  • produce      Immediately creates an object
  • ipf          Sets the number of instructions per frame, 1: the number, default is 100
  • delete       Damages the object, 1: object's ID, 2: magnifyDamage multiplier, without 2 the object explodes
  • setbuild     Sets buildings bitmask, 1: new bitmask
  • setresearchenable Sets researches bitmask, 1: new bitmask
  • setresearchdone Sets done researches bitmask, 1: new bitmask
  • getbuild     Returns buildings bitmask
  • getresearchenable Returns researches bitmask
  • getresearchdone Returns done researches bitmask
  • playmusic    Plays music, 1: file name, 2: repeat
  • stopmusic    Stops music

Cheat menu[]

Cheat menu

In Colobot: Gold Edition a quick cheat menu is available by pressing F10 by default.

These options do the following:

  • Spawn object - Changes the menu to show options to create bots, objects, buildings, and the astronaut.
  • Teleport - Teleports the selected object to the position of the cursor when clicked.
  • Lightning - Cause lightning to strike at the position of the cursor when clicked.
  • Display stats - Opens a window displaying miscellaneous game information.
  • Underground resources - Shows resources underground, such as energy sources.
  • Render goto() path - Draws the goto path used by bots and insects. This could drop your framerate drastically!
  • Render crash spheres - Displays crash spheres around objects, showing where you will collide with something.
  • Render dynamic lights - (?)
  • Dump lights to log - (?)


  • nolimit does not enabled godmode on Gold Edition, and instead allows you to fly a limitless height.
  • nolimit will only break the height limit set by the level file. You will not be able to fly higher than the top of the map itself
  • Unlocking all missions via cheats will not save them to your player slot. When the game is restarted all the unfinished ones will return to being hidden.
  • Research done via cheats will reset on the specific level if the level is restarted, or restored using an old save. Using a save file that the research has been included on will prevent this from happening.
  • The teleport option in the cheat menu will work with any selectable object, including Houston and the spaceship.
  • The lightning created from the cheat menu will not cause damage or destroy anything struck by it, nor will it cause power captors to recharge power cells.