Cheats in COLOBOT are codes entered into a menu opened by pressing the Ctrl and Pause/Break keys at the same time in the menu or ingame to give the player an advantage. All cheats are listed in the following list:

  • winmission - Causes the player to win the current mission
  • lostmission - Causes the player to lose the current mission
  • allresearch - Researches everything
  • allmission - Unlocks all missions
  • nolimit - Godmode
  • fullpower - Recharges jet power of selected object (winged bots and the astronaut only)
  • fullenergy - Recharges the power cell of the selected object
  • fullshield - Recharges the health of the selected object
  • fullrange - Unlocks all bots for use in the bot factory
  • selectinsect - Select, control, and reprogram insects
  • showsoluce - Unlocks solutions for all missions

It is also possible to create any item in the game with a script using produce(position, orientation, id, ""). As seen here .