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The bot factory is a building intended for the manufacturing of bots using titanium.

  1. Place the titanium cube inside the factory.
  2. Step back out.
  3. Select the factory.
  4. Click the button showing the diagram of the bot you want the factory to assemble.

The finished bot does not include an onboard power cell. You'll need to supply it with one for it to be able to leave the factory.

The list of feasible bots will depend upon the research your research center and autolab have completed. Note that the phazer shooter is not normally available through the bot factory unless cheats are used, and usually can only be acquired through opening the vault in Mission 9-4.


The bot factory's interface with all bots unlocked.

Available bots[]

Wheeled grabber Tracked grabber Winged grabber Legged grabber
Wheeled sniffer Tracked sniffer Winged sniffer Legged sniffer
Wheeled shooter Tracked shooter Winged shooter Legged shooter
Wheeled orgashooter Tracked orgashooter Winged orgashooter Legged orgashooter
Thumper Phazer shooter Recycler Shielder
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